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So, You Want To Know What Makes Up a Good Name...

Here you will find some hard and fast rules to follow in helping you find that perfect domain name for yourself, family, business, or organization. Remember, every rule is made to be broken if the situation is just right.

Rule Number One
Come up with a name you can easily remember or, maybe more importantly, remembered by your potential visitors. This may seem to be a real simplified point. It is, but one that needs to be remembered, especially as you begin to look around and see all of the confusing addresses or domains out there.

Rule Number Two
Come up with a name that can be easily spelled. This is another simple point, but unfortunately one that is not always followed. Also, if there is more than one way to spell something, or if a number can be used instead of a word, be prepared to acquire the alternate spelling(s).

Rule Number Three
Come up with a name that is not easily confused with another person, company, or brand. More importantly come up with something that can be or is uniquely you.

Rule Number Four
Make it short. Again, make it short. Nobody wants to remember or type in a ten word or thirty letter address.

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