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Making An Email Address

Any email address startes with a domain name. Once you have your domain name you will need to figure out how you want to deal with setting up your email address.
This is a common way to configure your email address using the first name only. Doesn't work for larger organizations.
This is another accepted way using the full name.
First initial with last name.
First name with last ititial.
Another way allowing a seperation between first and last names. A little harder to remember.
Using an underscore to seperate the first and last names. Even harder to remember and to read.
This is an example of using the whole name with limits to the overall length in this case six letters. Sometimes this one is a little confusing.

Which One To Choose?
Well it has to do a lot with personal preference. Is your domain your name or is it something else? This will come into play in picking your address. But that said first name only is the easist to remember. Other than that do you want to look like a lot of people are using that domain or do you want to look like a smaller more agile organization. The choice is all yours.

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