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Do You Need Control?

Control is what a lot of people are still trying to achieve in their lives in general. With an email address it is important that you can have control over every aspect of your address.

Changing ISP's
People are changing providers a lot. Each time you change you have to email a change of address to everyone in your address book. There is a chance that you will lose contact with some of the ones that do not update their address book. This happens all the time.

Some feel trapped by their ISP's because they have been with them for so long. Ah--the power of stability or the fear of change!

With your own domain name you are not held captive by your ISP and have the option of changing them at will without interfering with your email address.

Having your own website from gives you the ability to send email through our email servers so that it originates from your domain NOT your ISP. Ah what power!

Web Email
With a hosting package from MannaHost you will also have the ability of using the web based email when your are on the road and not at your homebase, so email is never very far away.

Control is what you want. Complete control is what we give you.

Spam-nobody likes it but it is a fact of life. At MannaHost we give you multible tools to help fight this unwanted beast. No system is foolproof but we do a pretty good job at eliminating most of it. We also have the ability to work with you to tighten things down until we find the correct mix that works for you.

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