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Step Two

Key to Your Success

The key to your success in anything you do is to let people know what you do and who you are. An online presence is no different.

Having a domain name is the first step. The second is to make that domain name work for you in the way of an email address. Everytime you email someone without your own email address is a missed opportunity.

Once you get an email address-not just any address-your email address, you need control over it. This gives you the opportunity to let it effectively work for you. This includes multiple email addresss from the same domain. This also includes the ability to have auto-responders attached to your email address so that then someone emails you they receive a response right back. The power of technnology to make you look good done effertlessly.

Stop marketing your ISP and do yourself a favor. Be professional and look professional. Take the time to market yourself.

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